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Thanks for QSO'ing with me,


I will be happy to send ALL CONFIRMATION QSLcard immediately via eQSL.cc and ClubLog.org

in realtime and weekly & montly via LoTW, using my HomeMade & faster Wlog2000 Logbook to confirming

our contact.

OP NAME: Franco

LOCATOR: JN46 - JN46ME (MAP-view)

SWISS <HB> AWARD: DXCC HB  -  ADIF nr. 287  -  WAZ 14  -  ITU 28  -  H26 TI  -  WAC EU

For you, QSL direct or Buro only with QSLPal.



Label Address:



 Franco Borsa - HB9oab  

 Via Ghiringhelli 4     

 CH-6500 Bellinzona (TI)




E-mail: hb9oab@amsat.org

Fax   : +41 91 220 06 20

QSL DIRECT & BURO via PayPal Link only:



Please do not use/send SASE/SAE or IRCs

they are not accepted by our post office!


I get many postcards and makes me glad, we are not in a much sought country,

but as well as I do for my QSL card requests and if you really want my qsl card, due

to the high production and shipping costs:


1. ALL QSO will be confirmed free immediately fast and realtime with WLOG2000 to Eqsl.cc and ClubLog

   and montly via LoTW.

2. After verified your callsign presence to confirm the contact in my online log (check log),

   if you want, send me your QSL via BUREAU/DIRECT to HB9oab without problem or "go to point 3".

3. ALL PAPER QSL REPLY BUREAU or DIRECT: only with 3€ !!

   Click here for <QSLPal> PayPal sure and faster!


NOTE: I ask QSL cards in the same way, then if you really want my qsl card I search also aid for the costs ...

            Thanks for your understanding and cooperation :-)


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Now all direct HB9oab'QSLpal card will also be sent to you with

an Official Swiss Commemorative coin & His own Story!



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